A Gift From James

A Gift From James

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Author : Chris Bellows

Lastest : Chapter 39

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A Gift From James description

‘D,’ a dominant female, has finally found in James, the male she believes may be her ultimate submissive. After a few dates of straight sex, she introduces James to sexual servitude, training him during increasingly decadent encounters where he learns that her pleasure is paramount. Soon barraged with lengthy periods of sensory deprivation and subliminal messaging, James’ mind becomes malleable, until he’s ready for his ‘vasectomy’. His programming has converted his psyche into that of an obedient toy. When James wins the lottery, his winnings are diverted to D’s control, and a trip to a sex resort is made in style with a young Dominatrix to ensure that he’s never too comfortable. Includes: graphic S&M content, hoods, gags, cages, bondage, caning, suspension, piercing, explicit extreme forced feminization. NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH OR THOSE LOOKING FOR AN INTRODUCTORY FEM/DOM NOVEL....


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